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July 2006, Patrick Yam authors "For Whom The Bell Tolls … The Tides Are Changing ."
Inside the Minds: Raising Capital for Technology Companies: Leading Venture Capitalists on Valuations, Structuring Deals, Raising Capital, and More.
Aspatore Books. ISBN: 159622567X

June 8 2004, Sensei Partners Establish Canadian Strategic Alliance

January 2004, Patrick Yam and Dr.Terri Griffith authors venture capital research on 'Locational Investing'

March 5, 2003, "Patrick Yam authors key venture capital article", 2003 Alberta Technology Report

February 10, 2003, "DEMO magazine: What's Next for Venture Capital?"

January 31, 2003, "Sensei Partners forecast opportunities in Wi-FI"

May 6, 2002, "Sensei Funds High-Tech Startups"

March 22, 2002 "Colorado startup moves closer to the nest"

February 1, 2002 Venture Channel connects Alberta to Silicon Valley expertise and investment

August 3, 2001, "Sensei offers fresh approach to financing", Silicon Valley Business Ink.

May 18, 2001, "Solutions needed, not more excuses", Silicon Valley Business Ink. 

April 6, 2001 - "Firm digs up doggone cheap office space", Lee Weimers, San Jose Mercury News.

Feb 15, 2001: BrightPlanet Joins Forces with Sensei Partners

Jan.2, 2001 - Santa Clara University The Economy, 2001