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"Execution is the chariot of genius" - William Blake

Welcome to Sensei Partners' website.

Sensei Partners is an early-stage, very-hands-on venture investment enterprise, organized as an Executive Resource Team that helps young software companies accelerate their time-to-market and value-creation.

Sensei Partners is a seasoned team with diversified skills and experience, averaging 25+ years of relevant history per partner. We work as a team with each portfolio company, especially during that crucial, intense period that takes a software company from prototype through early customers and early wider distribution.  

We are interested in software companies in Internet infrastructure/commerce and telecommunications.  We typically see companies with some existing angel investment and prototype software. We invest in the seed and later rounds of financing, work intensely through the next six months to build value for the next institutional round. We will attract other venture firms to invest and continue to participate on the Board of Directors.

While we have a new approach, we embody a return to the fundamentals of value development and company-building.